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If you are a student (like me :D) and want to spend a good holiday before the start of the academic year, you have to visit Thailand. It is heaven on earth, from my point of view. For sure many people are asking themselves what are the best islands in Thailand and where to go to in Thailand, so let me reflect on my experiences and destinations around Thailand. Bangkok (the city of Angels) Day 1: Arrival in Thailand Bangkok is considered one of the largest cities in Asia which means

Maybe it was the cobblestone pathways that seemed to lead to another place, in another century. Maybe it was the feeling of “savoir faire,” or the carefree aura that radiated off of every person walking around. Or, perhaps it was simple the fact that I was walking the same paths that were once tread by some of the most remarkable Arabs to ever grace the planet. I can’t really tell you, and over a year later I still can’t pinpoint what my favorite thing about Granada is.   Settled in

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